Subtitling & Dubbing

What We Do

Subtitle Origination

  • Spotting/Time-Cueing: deciding “in” and “out” times of individual subtitle so that they are synchronized with the audio.
  • Translation: translating from the source language, ensuring linguistic and cultural appropriateness, yet abiding by the target languages’ Timed Text Style Guides as well as Key Names and Phrase (KNP).

Subtitle Complex Conform

  • Aligning the subtitles in different languages to the corresponding scenes.
  • Tailoring the subtitles to the client’s specifications and videos.
  • Conforming the subtitles into Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH), and vice versa.


Voice Casting, Star Talent, Translation and Adaptation, Lip-Sync Dubbing, Voice Over, Mixing



Transcribing the audios or videos (speech) into text by native speakers, with or without timecodes.


Metadata Localization

Localizing your metadata for all distribution territories, in all formats, for all platforms.


Artwork Localization

Creating, reformatting and managing localized artworks for all languages, delivery formats and distribution channels.


Compliance Editing

Creating compliant content versions for diverse global territories, to ensure your TV and movie content meets the legal, cultural and editorial requirements of each distribution country.

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More international content is being consumed by global audiences than ever before, while people still prefer to watch videos with subtitles and/or dialogs in their own language. Content accessibility is now a vital factor to attract more audiences outside of the original country.

In addition to subtitling and dubbing, we also provide closed captioning, voice-over, and audio description services to ensure that content is accessible to all audiences, including those with visual or hearing impairments.


At our core, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and connecting cultures through the power of language and storytelling. We can help bring your content to a global audience.

Why Us?

Insiders’ Perspective

For each project, we carefully select and work exclusively with qualified and vetted subtitlers from the target language’s country. This approach prioritizes faithfulness and appropriateness of the subtitles, while also ensuring cultural literacy, relevance, and sensitivity.


Effortless Application

Once the project reaches its final stage, we offer you multiple file options for seamless integration into your systems.


Unwavering Confidentiality

We value our clients’ ownership and copyright, and we uphold high standards of integrity and confidentiality throughout the entire process. Our data centers and production systems are designed with maximum security to protect your information

Our team of experienced translators, voice talents, and sound engineers are committed to providing accurate and culturally-sensitive subtitling and dubbing services in global languages. We believe that every story deserves to be heard by a global audience, and we strive to uphold this belief through the highest quality work.


We understand that audiovisual localization is more than just translating words, it’s about understanding cultural nuances, idioms, and expressions. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that the translated content maintains the same meaning and tone as the original, while also capturing the essence and charm of the local language and culture.


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