Patent Translation

At SuccessGlo, we understand the importance of securing patents in multiple countries and regions for global companies. That’s why we offer high-quality patent translations and reformatting services to our clients, which include technical companies, law firms, licensing organizations, and technology transfer offices. We have an in-house team of experts and a wide network of over 1,000 specialized patent translators to ensure that your unique patents are ready for local country applications on time and on budget.

Services We Provide


We understand that precision is essential when it comes to patent translation. That’s why we leverage our extensive knowledge of each country’s unique regulations and formatting requirements to provide world-class services that meet local patent content standards. Our team, comprised of industry veterans, project managers, linguists, subject matter experts, and quality assurance professionals, is dedicated to delivering exceptional services that cater to your specific patent translation needs. Some of our core services include:

  • Patent and office action translation
  • Legal document translation
  • Litigation document translation


We also offer reformatting services to support OCR of scanned PDFs, as well as the final formatting and editing of graphics and images. Our expertise in patent filing across several global markets ensures that your final application meets the local patent office’s specifications.



By working closely with the local patent attorneys, we can help to have the translated application certificated. You will receive a ready-to-go patent application in the target language.

Industries We Serve

Our patent translation services cater to multinational clients across a wide range of industries and technical fields. Our team of experts delivers precise translations that meet the specific requirements of each sector. The industries we support include:

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Automotive

  • Biotechnology

  • Consumer Products

  • Chemical

  • Electrical and Computer Technology

  • Energy

  • Life Science

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical Device

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Telecommunication

  • Transportation

Why Us?

Quality and Optimal Client Experience Comes First

We commit to quality and client experience. We prioritize our clients’ peace of mind and adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-certified standards. The multi-step quality assurance process is embedded in our automated project management system, ensuring high-quality translation deliverables every time.


Expertise You Can Count On

Our qualified and experienced IP linguists have at least 5 years of extensive industry experience, subject-matter knowledge, and advanced degrees in their area of focus. We develop a deeply intact and rich reservoir of reusable language assets to protect your investments and help you achieve attractive savings as you grow your company with patents worldwide.


High Flexibility and Scalability

We understand the importance of timely patent filing and have a highly flexible and scalable team based on the large pool of global in-country resources to fulfill any complex patent translation projects on tight deadlines.


Absolute and Uncompromised Confidentiality

We respect intellectual property rights and are committed to complying with ownership and copyrights of all clients and partners. All project data are stored in our secured system with tight firewall security and authoritative level permissions.

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