Website Localization
A website can be simple one which consists of plain HTML webpages, or complex one which is supported and maintained by CMS. A localized website is vital to the success of an international company. SuccessGlo help our clients succeed in the global market by localizing their websites into required target languages, and ensuring they are functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless. We provide the following services for website localization:
  ● Content Translation (HTML, PHP, JSP, XML, etc.)
  ● Images and graphics localization
  ● Multimedia localization
  ● SEO
  ● Functional and Linguistic Testing

Software Localization
SuccessGlo supports most of popularly used programming languages, e.g. JAVA, C#, .NET, etc. for both PC and mobile platforms. Its localization involves separate and distinct workflows for the adaptation of the UI, Online Help and technical documentation. However, these separate processes must be coordinated and leveraged in order to ensure the maximum cost savings, fastest time-to-market, and greatest consistency in the final product. We cover the following scope for software localization:
  ● User-interface Translation
  ● Dialog Resizing
  ● Linguistic Verification Testing
  ● Screenshot Capturing
  ● Online-Help Compiling