Language Assets Management

Undoubtfully, language assets (Glossary, Styleguide, Translation Memory, etc.) play an important role in translation projects, if not most important, to ensure the translation consistent and technically correct. Our team can help you to create them from scratch, or develop and maintain them during the projects and/or independently.

Glossary: we create, develop and maintain a glossary by focusing on: 1) terminology, 2) high-frequency terms/phrases, 3) product names and proper nouns, and 4) other terms as necessary.

Styleguide: to define the language style used in the whole translation cycle, as well as layout guideline as necessary.SuccessGlo can help you to create styleguides from scratch, or tailor your Master styleguide to one specific language market.

Translation Memory: We can help to create and update any language-pair Translation Memory (TM) by aligning source and target files, cleaning up bilingual files, etc. As requested, we can also set appropriate attribute for each TM unit, by adding product name, department and/or office, time stamp, and/or other properties.