Website Localization

About the project
The client wants to put the updates of their English website to Chinese website simultaneously. Most of the new webpage are about the product introduction, news, events, ethics and so on. Their Chinese website is important marketing tool for their Chinese clients. The localization should be highly accurate and consistent with the current website.

Since there is part of Chinese content on their Chinese website, the new translation should be consistent with the original translation, especially for the product names, company names, titles etc. At the same time, the original content needs to be reviewed as it is not good quality.
In addition, there are number of images and links on their website, which need to be localized as well.
In particulate, the updating of the original website is on ad hoc basis. Therefore, we should make schedule and arrange workload based on the client’s timeline, in order to ensure the simultaneously updating of the Chinese website.

Our solution
● Consistency and accuracy: we extracted the corresponding text from English and Chinese website and made a TM by technical process. In this way, the linguists can view and follow the original translation during the translation process. The other positive effect being caused from the TM is increasing speed of reviewing work. During the translation, we extract the terminology into a glossary report. Moreover, before starting, PM made a thorough instruction to guide the translation by comprehensive of client’s requirements.
● Engineering support: in the localization of website, IT technology such as Keyword research, link building, website analysis, image optimization, creation of meta information (title, description, keywords), setup website analytics are cropping up everywhere. Preprocessing before translation is the prerequisite to ensure all progresses are smoothly completed. With the engineering support, we can pass intermediate files that can use translation tool to the linguist, and deliver documents with proper format, which can be uploaded to client’s website without error reporting.
● Shortest time Response: to meet the simultaneity requirement from the client, we made a well planed timeline and arranged adequate translate resource.
● Specialized translation: use translators with rich IT knowledge and relevant project experience.

Making fully preparation rather than starting in a blind way is the key success factor. With the creating of TM and glossary, it provides translation guide and reference for further project.