We understand the importance of quality for a website, software, manual, brochure, press release, etc. when they are read or used by end users. At SuccessGlo, we implement the following processes and measurement to ensure the translation we output meets the quality standards and requirements.
  ●  We go through the whole TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) processes by in-country native linguists with related expertise and experience.
  ●  We implement a tightened language quality scoring system to every step of TEP, with standards set based on LISA metrics, SAE J2450, as well as other local national rules.
  ●  We maintain language assets (Translation Memory, Glossary, Styleguides, etc) for all project series and on per request basis.
  ●  We are equipped the state-of-art language-specific tools to check the translation output, e.g. consistency, term translation, numbers, punctuations, acronyms, etc.

On-Time Delivery
On-time delivery is as important as translation quality. And for safety, we always suggest a FTP or other cloud-based storage system as a backup method besides Email to ensure safe receipt.

We estimate a standard output of 2000 - 2500 source words per translator per day, and 4000-4500 source words per reviewer per day. For special projects or large orders we normally assemble a special team of translators and reviewers led by a project manager who coordinates the individual jobs, monitors quality and deadlines, and communicates with the client. In general, we can be expected to return the following volume in suggested turnaround time, after going through the whole TEP processes:
    ●  < 1000 words: 1 day
    ●  1000 – 2000 words: 2 days
    ●  2000 – 4000 words: 3 days
    ●  > 4000 words: as requested
In this everchanging world, some projects may need to be returned very urgently. We completely understand and are very flexible and scalable to catch the deadline required by the clients.